1. Careful Observation

The reduced daylight hours and poor light conditions of winter affect your ability to see clearly at this time of year. Rain, Hail and Snow will also contribute to your ability to see the road. Reduce your speed to compensate for reduced visibility.

2. Careful Driving

Frost and ice combined with leaves will have adverse effects upon the road surface. Again you need to adjust your speed to compensate for slippery road surfaces.

If you do skid the main thing to remember is to take your foot off the pedals and steer. Only use the brake if you cannot steer out of trouble. Double or even triple your normal stopping distance the vehicle in front so you are not relying on your brakes to be able to stop.

3. Tyre Maintenance

The potential changes of road surface mean that you face increased risk of skidding. You must maintain the correct depth of tyre tread. Check your tyres and replace them if necessary.

4. Be prepared

Plan your journey by checking with local travel bulletins and weather updates. Check your vehicle before setting off. Bring De-icing equipment with you.