You can recover any losses arising out of this accident as long as you are insured. Report the accident to the police and request that they investigate the other driver’s insurance. You can make an application for compensation to the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) under the Uninsured Drivers Agreement. The MIB is a government organisation funded by the insurance industry. It was founded to provide compensation for the victims of uninsured or untraced motorists.

You do not need to make a claim against your own insurance. You are entitled to make arrangements to have your car repaired and hire a replacement car (if you need one) without waiting for approval from the MIB. In order to make a claim you will have to submit an application form to the MIB. The form is similar to the accident report form you complete for your own insurance policy. The MIB will arrange to investigate the accident circumstances. They will verify the other motorist’s insurance status.

You can make a claim for compensation to cover any personal injuries and certain ‘out of pocket’ expenses you have suffered as a result of the accident. The MIB will not pay the first £300 of any non-injury claim. If you were injured in the accident they will meet the full cost of this aspect of your claim. They will also cover the costs of your solicitor. The MIB will attempt to recover the amount of your claim from the uninsured driver but they will make payment to you from their funds so that you are not out of pocket, nor waiting indefinitely for compensation.

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